Thursday, June 30, 2011

ID in higher education

Reviewing the various existing blogs dedicated to instructional design in higher education, I came across one blog that has excellent articles related to this matter. Steve Covello’s blog is the name. This author has an excellent article about the professional development of professors in higher education. In addition, he provides a variety of literature about instructional design and its practical and technological applications.  There are two interesting points that could be discussed in terms of the professional development of professors in higher education.  One point is that some professors in higher education can’t find the time to update their practices to adapt to this new learning era.  Another point is that some higher education institutions fail to provide the faculty with a clear and complete professional development plan that can satisfy the professors’ learning needs.  I believe that professional development in higher education is a very complex and delicate topic that should not be taken lightly.  This topic should be studied carefully in order to produce useful recommendations improving the area of professional development in higher education.  Instructional designers should begin by reviewing the existing information concerning this topic thinking ways of proposing designs that make sense to deal with this area of learning.

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