Sunday, July 3, 2011

Talking about how we learn...

Talking about how we learn has been a topic for discussion for many years. Theorists, scholars, educators, etc., have always been interested in this topic in order to improve educational practices. The following blog provides a variety of articles about learning.  One of the most interesting articles is 11 ways to learn in 2011. Just as technology advances, in the same way the way we learn is modified. For instructional designers this article is a call to take into consideration the 2011 learners in order to design effective learning experiences.  It is interesting to see how the notion of learning has change through the years.  In the past, learning was seen as the memorization of great amount of content (behaviorist).  Repetition and drills were a normal part of learning without paying any importance to meaningful learning.  Then, meaningful content became a key aspect of learning (cognitive).  Experts began to ask questions related to the processes that took place before, during and after learning.  After these two points of view, a more opened and combined view of learning came into the picture.  The idea that everyone learns differently and each person adapts and assimilates new content to previously existing schemata making the learning experience unique and progressive as new learning accommodates appears to be the norm of the day (constructivist).  Embedded in all these learning theories, we can find new and innovative ideas on how we learn as this article suggests taking learning theories to a whole new level.  Remember to check out the blog.        

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