Thursday, May 3, 2012

Distance Learning Introduction

Distance learning introduction:

It is amazing how education has evolved due to societal changes especially as a result of technological advances.  I still remember when study options were limited to face-to-face learning, paper and pencil, and chalkboards.  I also recall the first time I saw a computer and how difficult it seemed to use it.  However, as an educator I felt the need to become part of the evolution and progress of education.  Now I see how I manage and utilize technology every day with such ease that I sometimes cannot believe how times have changed and how I have been able to adapt my life and my work so rapidly to these changes.   Nowadays, there is a wide range of technologies used in numerous sectors such as education, workplace, socially, personal, etc.  Technology presents the biggest paradoxical idea of time and distance as it moves us farther and closer to each other simultaneously.   

This blog is dedicated to distance learning and how it relates and impacts various fields regarding teaching and learning.  I hope we can share our ideas on the subject making this interaction a truly remarkable learning experience. 

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