Sunday, July 3, 2011

Instructional Design Tips

Just after you get your instructional design assignment, there a few questions that need to be answer before getting to work. MaryAn klein instructs us how to prepare for design by answering five essential questions. These questions will facilitate the instructional design task by providing the framework of the organization in order to understand and anticipate the possible change process and resistance to change.  As instructional designers, getting to know the ground before making any decisions is extremely important.  For example, one of the questions addresses the purpose of the solution; is it short term or long term?  Knowing the answer to this question could give us a starting point on how to initiate the change or modification process in the organization.  In addition, it could provide us with some background information and the type of commitment the leaders and the members of the organization have with the company and its future.  Check out this blog for more on instructional design tips or informative and useful articles.


  1. Lisa Sheppard WalkerJuly 7, 2011 at 12:21 PM


    As we study this week topic on understanding how the brain processes information, you blog represents several steps that a person has to have to be an effective instructional designer. As an instructional designer I believe your first step should be know who your audience is. Dr. Jeanne Ormrod stated in her video that there are several things that you need to consider such as know what people are paying attention to, what kinds of things draw their attention, how do they think, what kind of meaning do they attach to something, how things are interpreted, and what can be done with the information. These are all parts of information processing. I feel these steps will play an important role in becoming an instructional designer. As an instructional designer, you have to know how to combine content with activities. Everyone learns differently so it is important not to put everyone on the same level and assume that they know what you are talking about. In order to teach instructional design and be able to help the learners learn, you can create templates and train the learners on how to use them.

    Laureate Education, Inc. 2009, (Video) Information Processing and the Brain

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